CTAN update: pdftex 1.21a

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Mon Feb 7 18:16:09 CET 2005

On Fri, 4 Feb 2005 Martin Schroeder submitted a
new version 1.21a of pdftex.

Location on CTAN: /systems/pdftex
Summary description: An extended version of TeX that can create PDF directly from TeX source files and enhance the result of TeX typesetting with the help of PDF.
License type: gpl

  Main change of pdfTeX 1.21a:

- ttf2afm 1.0:
    - added support for refering to glyphs via unicode in encoding files (ie
    - added some more info to the AFM output
    - some minor bug fixes
    - a short documentation available

- pdftex now understand forms 'uniXXXX' in encoding files (only makes sense
  with TrueType fonts)

- added subset tag for TrueType fonts

- Fixed a bug in the scanning of map lines introduced in the the fix of bug
  #242 in 1.20b.

- Fixed three problems in xpdf; xpdf is now 3.00pl3

- \ifeof18 is a simple method to test if \write18 is enabled.

- a few extensions in pdfxtex:
    - \pdflastximagecolordepth returns the last color depth
    - \pdfximage supports a keyword "colorspace" following an object number
      representing a ColorSpace object
    - \pdfstrcmp compares two strings
    - \pdfescapestring/\pdflastescapedstring provide a mean to escape string
    - \pdffirstlineheight/\pdflastlinedepth/\pdfeachlineheight/\pdfeachlinedepth
      allow fixing line dimen
    - patches from Taco
        - px dimen unit
        - tagcode patch
        - quitvmode patch


Thanks for the update.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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