CTAN update: The caption package 3.0d

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Sun Feb 13 16:43:01 CET 2005

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005, Axel Sommerfeldt uploaded version 3.0d of his package


Location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/caption
License type: lppl (maintained)

The caption package provides many ways to customise the captions
in floating environments like figure and table and cooperates with
many other packages.

This is mainly a bugfix release of the caption package 3.0.


- Design change: Split package into two parts, caption.sty (package) and
   caption3.sty (kernel)
- New option "name=" - sets float name, for use with \captionsetup[]
- New options "figurename=" and "tablename="
- New option "type=" - sets caption type, for use inside floats/environments
- Bugfix in sidecap support: \@captype will be defined so \captionsetup[] works
   for these environments, too
- Bugfix 04-08-04:
   . \abovecaptionskip & \belowcaptionskip will be used for longtables, too
   . "position=" will be taken into account (default for longtables:
     "position=top"; "position=auto" will usually not work)
- Bugfix 04-10-26: Skips (margin/indention) will only be typeset if set
- Bugfix: \captionmargin will be set twice now (left+right of the caption)
- Bugfix 04-12-19: \vrule\@height\ht\strutbox\@width\z@ will be used
   instead of \strut
- Bugfix 05-01-23: \@finalstrut\strutbox added
- New option "strut=" - switches the use of the struts on/off (default=on)
- Bugfix in single-line-check: \captionwidth will be used for the check instead
   of \hsize = width of the \vbox

Thanks for the update.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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