CTAN package update: pxfonts and txfonts

Jim Hefferon ftpmaint at alan.smcvt.edu
Tue Jan 4 17:02:57 CET 2005

The two packages shown below have been updated at tug.ctan.org and will 
make their way to your favorite mirror in the next day or two.

Jim Hefferon


The following information was provided by the package's contributor.

Name of contribution: pxfonts / txfonts
Contributer's name: karl berry 
Location on CTAN: /fonts/txfonts and /fonts/pxfonts
Summary description: [pt]xfonts.sty update for " active characters
License type: gpl

Announcement text given by the package's contributor:
- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------
The txfonts.sty and pxfonts.sty packages released in 2000 by Dr. Young Ryu 
had the deficiency of using " to specify character codes, etc.  
Consequently, if " is an active character when these styles were read 
(e.g., if german.sty had been loaded), they would not work.

Thomas Esser fixed this some years ago in teTeX by changing all the 
references to decimal.  This upload simply propagates the new files to 
CTAN, with Dr. Ryu's permission.  (Thanks also to Volker Schaa for 
reporting the inconsistency.)

Also, the txfonts.map and pxfonts.map files from the TeX Live distribution 
are now included in the distribution on CTAN; they simply omit the entries 
for the standard base fonts (e.g., Palatino-Roman, Times-Roman).

Finally, users of [pt]xfonts may be interested in this note on future work 
from Dr. Ryu:

  When I released the current txfonts and pxfonts, I thought
  it would be the final release. But, I have heard of some
  issues, especially those related to spacing of math alphabets,
  symbols and the size of small caps (being too small),
  integrals looking "ugly," and parentheses being flat too quickly.
  I have a plan to update these fonts (together
  with complete hxfonts including complete math alphabets
  and symbols), but not until I finish something that I
  am now committed to. Hopefully it will be within a couple
  of years...
- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------

You can have a look at the two packages at
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