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Thu Jan 13 19:22:19 CET 2005

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The following information was provided by the package's contributor.

Name of contribution: LaTeXPiX
Author's name: Nick van Beurden
Location on CTAN: /systems/win32/latexpix
Summary description: As Is
License type: nosource

Announcement text given by the package's contributor:
- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Updates of the current version (CTAN15 release) include:
* Completely rewritten internal database to store objects allowing faster 
  drawing and editing of the objects with less memory. Thanks to Robert 
  Rutten for early testing and debugging.
* PGF output functionality added, though not stable yet. Only added for 
  demonstration purposes.
* EEPIC output changed to have extension .eepic instead of .out. The PGF 
  drawings will have the extension .pgf. This change was moreover done 
  because .out is already an output extension for LaTeX.
* Multilevel undo and now working on more stages of the drawing process.
* All objects selectable with CTRL+A. Arrow drawing used to have this 
  shortcut key and is now assigned to CTRL+W.
* Stripped buggy and more or less useless features like zoom form, 
  instances, anti-aliasing.
* When previewing PDF output, now closes all documents when Adobe Acrobat 
  Reader is already open. The preview PDF file couldn't be overwritten in 
  previous versions of LaTeXPiX because when it is opened in Acrobat the 
  file gets a read-only status.
* Added rulers with support for centimetres and inches. Moreover, the 
  grid distance is also controllable from the main drawing grid.
* Some preferences were not stored, thanks to Robert Rutten for finding 
  this bug.
* Crash occurred when registering manually. Thanks to the various users 
  for pointing this out.
* Set unitlength to 0.254 because in EEPIC 1 inch which equals 2.54 cm 
  so 0.254 mm.
* Transparency can be set for Windows NT based systems.
* Using MDI form for drawing canvas, making toggling of toolbar redundant 
and offering more stable user interface.
* Using RGB colours instead of CMYK colours. This prevents unnecessary 
  conversions and is somewhat more accurate.
* Option added to snap to grid without forcing the mouse to snap to grid 
* Log file can be save containing all statusbar messages for debugging 
- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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