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Mon Jan 24 16:45:14 CET 2005

Bernard Gaulle writes:

>   I have uploaded on an update of "msg", the localization package 
>  for LaTeX package/class writers. 
>  Volunteers are really welcome to translate the short (13 lines) 
>  default messages file in their own language; you will find it below.
>  Currently "msg" is localized in French, Englisk, Norsk and German.
>  The "msg" package is a LaTeX package designed to localize any
>  document class or package. Very usefull for end-users who could 
>  obtain messages in their own prefered language. It is also really 
>  easy to use by class/package writers. 
>  Please, be free to try/test it on any existing package/class and
>  report any pb. No pb reported at that time.
>  The upload on is:   msg.tar.gz
>  Ctan directory: macros/latex/contrib/msg 
>  % This file may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of
>  % the LaTeX Project Public License as of
>  %
>  % This file has the LPPL maintenance status "maintained".
>  % The current maintainer is Bernard.Gaulle at
>  V 0.20 mods: bug correction: "e" removed in "\edef #1".
>               documentation changes incl. a "Migration scheme" section.

i've installed hte new version as requested; thanks for the upload

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

> HERE ARE THE few lines to translate in all other languages:
> %%%%%%%
> \msg{1}{\filedate\space \fileversion\space package to issue localized %
>         messages, now loaded.}{}
> \msg{2}{invalid optional parameter provided:}{}
> \msg{3}{invalid language requested: ``\CurrentOption''}{}
> \msg{4}{This is to test the #1 feature}{}
> \msg{5}{``msg'' package line number }{\msgparti{issues \#\msgid\ #1 message}}
> \msg{6}{msg package: UNUSUAL end of file reached %
>         when loading \msg at filename\space file!}{}
> \msg{7}{\string\msg\space syntax error}{\help{last % special test case
>         argument is missing.}}
> \msgheader{MESSAGE\space\msgid:\space``}\msgtrailer{''}
> \msg{8}{here is a customized message}{}%
> \msg{9}{here is a customized message %
>         \MessageBreak which continuation is aligned}{}
> \msgheader{Message\space\msgid\space(msg):\space}\msgtrailer{}
> \msg*{10}{****** I emphasize: this is a WARNING! ****** %
>           \MessageBreak ****** Be careful.^^J}{}
> \msgheader{}\msgtrailer{}
> \msg{11}{The msg package is in use with ``tracefiles'' option.}{}
> \msg{12}{A risk of infinite loop arose; %
>          \MessageBreak %
>          please check the message file: \msg at filename}%
>          {\help{Look at rules to apply in messages files.}}
> \msg{*}{erroneous message id ``\msgid''}{}
> %%%%%%%

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