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The following information was provided by the package's contributor.

Name of contribution: subfig.sty
Author's name: Steven Douglas Cochran
Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/contrib/subfig
License type: lppl
Summary description: LaTeX package for providing support for the inclusion 
of small, `sub', figures and tables.  It simplifies the positioning, 
captioning and labeling of them within a single figure or table environment.  
In addition, this package allows such subcaptions to be written to the List 
of Figures or List of tables if desired.

Announcement text given by the package's contributor:
- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 Several bug fixes, software and documentation updates:

  o Added "lofdepth" and "lotdepth" keywords (default value is 2).  Just 
adding one of these to the keyword list, when loading the subfig package 
will setup the associated List-Of page to display the sub-captions.  In 
addition, if new sub-floats are created with the \newsubfloat command, 
than an appropriate keyword is also produced for use with the 
\captionsetup command.

  o Generalized the input of boolean values (i.e. made similar to the 
caption package).  Boolean keywords may use any of the following synonyms:
     - For "true": "on", "yes", or "1".
     - For "false": "off", "no",or "0".

  o Changed the included configuration filename from "subfig.cfg" to 
"altsf.cfg" so that it will not be automatically included, as this 
configuration file modifies the subfig package to be mostly backward 
compatible with the (obsolete) subfigure package.  Note, however, that 
the default configuration name remains the same: "subfig.cfg".

  o Fixed problem with the "loose" and "tight" options in the altsf.cfg 
configuration file.

  o Added 'debug' setting to select which sort of skips or rules are 
used in laying out the subfigures.  This puts the debug version of the 
package under ltxdoc control rather than requiring hand-editing.

  o Added "caption" keyword (for easy, "caption=false") to allow the 
use of the subfig package without loading all of the caption package.  
This is needed for use with classes that have special caption 

  o Added check for classes or packages that use \let rather than \def 
to modify the \endfloat and \enddblfloat commands.

  o Extended the \subref* command to allow alternative formats using 
the (new) \DeclareSubrefFormat command and "subrefformat" keyword.

  o Added compatibility with the FloatRow package.

  o Fixed some incompatibilities with the hyperref package references 
and a problem in the interaction of the hyperref package and the subfig 
package when continued floats are desired.

  o Many documentation changes, including discussion of new features, 
repair of reported typo's and other requested changes to clarify the 

  o Fixed bug that required new float types to have their corresponding 
sub-floats defined in order to use the \ContinuedFloat command.  It is 
necessary to define the associated sub-floats only if they are to be 

In the process of these changes, a major bug was found in the internals 
of the subfig package.  This bug could cause whitespace (e.g. spaces) 
between subfloats to allow a line break.  Such whitespace is now 
ignored.  However, if this 'feature' was used to format subfloats, than 
the formatting of such papers will change.  If subfloats become 
mis-alligned when using this version of subfig, than the user will need 
to add an explicit linebreak, "\\" where needed. See the README file 
for more details.
- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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