UK TeX FAQ, version 3.14

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Thu Jul 7 14:31:41 CEST 2005

I have just installed at Cambridge this version of the UK FAQ; I have
update both the web entry ( and the CTAN
directory help/uk-tex-faq.

This is mostly a consolidation release, but see CHANGES-3.14, below.

Note, I do not intend that the next release should be 3.141; I
entertain some hopes that the next release will incorporate a new
Web-access mechanism that I have in sketch form ... in which case the
release will be called 4.0.

Robin Fairbairns

UK TeX FAQ maintainer, for the CTAN team


Changes in version 3.14

New answers:
  Label breaklinks: why hyperlinks don't break under dvips
  Label cmdstar: defining a LaTeX command with an optional *
  Label errmissitem: what to do about "perhaps a missing item"  
  Label minxampl: how to write a minimal example of a problem
  Label plninltx: pros and cons about using non-LaTeX commands in LaTeX
  Label wrongpn: the unreliability of \thepage

Revised answers:
  Label archives: edited out things we no longer do, removed fine detail
                  of archive locations (has been wrong for some time)...
  Label bibtranscinit: another trick from Philip Ratcliffe
  Label codelist: while recommending listings, explain alternatives
  Label conditional: changes to cope with new release of extract package
  Label commercial: mention the self-help group for users of Y&Y TeX
  Label drawing: describe pgf
  Label dtx: describe makedtx
  Label findfiles: rewritten, striving for clarity
  Label ftncapt: rewritten in an attempt at greater clarity
  Label RCS: extend to cover subversion (packages svn and svninfo)
  Label spell: slightly restructured for CTAN changes
  Label tabcellalign: ghastly error corrected

New or revised packages (or just ones never before mentioned):
  breakurl (mentioned in label breaklinks)
  c2latex (mentioned in label codelist)
  checkend (mentioned in label endingroup)
  makedtx (mentioned in label dtx)
  pgf (mentioned in label drawing)
  pseudocode (mentioned in label algorithms)
  splitbib (mentioned in label multbib)
  suffix (mentioned in label cmdstar)
  svn (mentioned in label RCS)
  svninfo (mentioned in label RCS)
  tgrind (mentioned in label codelist)

  The subsection "LaTeX macros" has been split into two: "LaTeX macro
  tools" (generally stuff for programmers) and "LaTeX macro
  techniques" (generally stuff for users who just want a simple job

  "zip" and "tar.gz" retrieval have been switched in HTML generation;
  since many directories have pre-created zip archives, this reduces
  the danger of hitting the "retrieving unknown file" effect in some

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