CTAN updates --- ledpatch.sty and mempatch.sty

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Sun Jun 5 10:29:06 CEST 2005

Peter Wilson writes:

>     I have uploaded mempatch.sty to UK incoming. Please use this to replace 
> the current macros/latex/contrib/memoir/mempatch.sty
>     mempatch.sty (v3.11, 2005/05/23) provides patches for the memoir class. 
> In particular:
> o Provides for the advertised \partmark in part-like pages
> o Enables the advertised method of changing the column separation in 
> indexes.
> o Lets the pagesel package work correctly with memoir (there was never a 
> problem with the selectp package).


>     I have uploaded ledpatch.sty to UK incoming. Please use this to replace 
> and macros/latex/contrib/ledmac/ledpatch.sty.
>     ledpatch.sty (v0.4, 2005/06/02) provides patches for the ledmac package, 
> in particular it fixes problems when defining new familiar series footnotes.

i have installed both files as required.  thanks for the uploads.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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