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Tue Mar 1 15:37:39 CET 2005

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The following information was provided by the package's contributor.

Name of contribution: mf2pt1
Author's name: Scott Pakin
Location on CTAN: /support/mf2pt1/
Summary description: Produce PostScript Type 1 fonts directly from 
  Metafont source
License type: lppl

Announcement text given by the package's contributor:
- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------
mf2pt1 facilitates producing PostScript Type 1 fonts
directly from a Metafont source file without losing
quality to autotracers.  mf2pt1 is not, as the name may
imply, an automatic converter of arbitrary Metafont
fonts to Type 1 format.  The program imposes a number
of restrictions on the Metafont input.  If these
restrictions are met, mf2pt1 will produce valid Type 1
output with more accurate control points than can be
reverse-engineered by TeXtrace, mftrace, and other
programs which convert bitmaps to outline fonts.

Version 2.0 sports the following improvements over the
previous version:

  * A new --rounding option enables control points to
    be placed with higher precision.

  * Fonts are automatically run through t1asm to
    convert them from "disassembled" format to true
    .pfb font files.

  * Fonts are automatically run through FontForge, if
    available, to clean up curves and automatically add
    font-hinting information.  A new --ffscript option
    lets the user override the default FontForge

  * mf2pt1 includes a workaround for a MetaPost
    "turningnumber" bug.

  * A new "glyph_name" command and "asis" encoding
    vector enable font programs to specify their own
    encodings -- useful for creating a large font out
    of multiple 256-character fonts.

  * mf2pt1 now supports an encoding vector for TeX T1
    (i.e., 8-bit) encoding.

  * There are various bug fixes, code cleanups, and
    documentation improvements.

- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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