CTAN update: lineno 4.11 and ednotes 1.1

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Wed Mar 9 10:35:51 CET 2005

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 Uwe Lück submitted updates to 
his packages

 lineno and ednotes

Locations on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/{lineno,ednotes}
License type: LaTeX Project

Announcement text for lineno:
1. Rows of `array' and similar math environments may be
   treated like usual lines, be numbered accordingly 
   (included in the sequence of surrounding text lines), 
   and be referred to by these numbers. Thus they also can 
   be subject to ednotes.sty. To make use of this, please 
   read the CHANGES.txt next. 

2. \linelabel produces an error outside line numbering 
   mode. This may be helpful when you have forgotten to 
   switch and wonder why all line numbers are 1, e.g. -- 
   also with ednotes.sty. 

3. Some explanations in lineno.sty/tex/pdf have been 
   amended -- cf. CHANGES.txt for details. 

Announcement text for ednotes:
This upgrade is mainly concerned with
1. the number of possible notes,
2. page break oscillations,
3. `array' and similar mathematical environments, and with
4. a hopefully helpful error message; also with
5. amendments of documentation.

Namely (see CHANGES.txt for more details):

1. Reimplementation of `ednotes.sty' with version v1.1,
   vital for huge editions ("commercial"/"professional"
   applications). You can now make three times as many
   notes as before, regarding the memory compartment for
   multiletter control strings. One user exhausted this by
   11.000 notes on 450 pages (recent MiKTeX installation).
   Now he can add another 22.000 notes ... Warning:
   Customizations of \repeatref and \linewithpage as well
   as option `countoccurrences' need updates.

2. A checking function has been added for finding startings
   of page break oscillations. These typically must be
   fixed for getting correct references to lemmas in the
   apparatus. Explanations in `lblchng1.sty' v0.2 needed to
   be replaced by some of v0.32.

3. The `edtable' option of `ednotes.sty' now supports math
   environments like `array'. Explanations (`edtable.sty'
   v1.3) have been extended considerably, structured more
   clearly, and supplied with examples.

4. You get an error message when you have forgotten to
   switch into line numbering mode. I generalize from my
   own experience that this may be useful when strangely
   everything refers to line no. 1 ...

5. Documentations in `lineno.sty/tex/pdf' and
   `ednotugb.pdf' have been amended (additionally).

Thanks for the upload.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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