CTAN submission --- ledmac package extensions

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Sat Mar 26 09:43:58 CET 2005

Peter Wilson writes:

>     I am uploading ledmac.tar.gz to UK incoming. Please use this to
> replace the current macros/latex/contrib/ledmac. The distribution is
> under the LPPL.
> >From the README:
>     The ledmac package is for typesetting critical editions and is a LaTeX 
> port, and extension, of the plain TeX EDMAC, TABMAC and EDSTANZA macros. The 
> ledpar package is an extension of ledmac enabling parallel typesetting in 
> columns or on facing pages. The ledarab package is a further extension 
> enabling the use of arab script, as implemented by ArabTeX, in critical 
> editions (temporarily afoot.sty is provided to support regular footnotes in 
> ArabTeX).
> Changes:
> o First public release of ledarab (v0.1)
> o ledpar (v0.3) and ledmac (v0.7) reorganized and recoded to improve 
> efficiency and support ledarab.

i've installed the upload as requested; thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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