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The following information was provided by the package's contributor.

Name of contribution: fontools
Author's name: Marc Penninga
Location on CTAN: /fonts/utilities/fontools/
Summary description: Tools to simplify using fonts (especially 
  Truetype/Opentype ones) with Latex and fontinst.
License type: gpl

Announcement text given by the package's contributor:
- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------
This package provides a few tools to ease using fonts (especially 
Truetype/Opentype ones) with Latex and fontinst:

AFM2AFM - reencode .afm files; designed to replace fontinst's \reencodefont 
  for big .afm files.
AUTOINST - simplify the use of the LCDF TypeTools by creating a command 
  file for otftotfm, plus .fd and .sty files.
CMAP2ENC - convert glyph indices in TrueType fonts without glyph names 
  (such as Linotype Palatino) to Adobe glyph names.
FONT2AFM - create font metrics; this is just a wrapper script around 
  tools such as pf2afm, ttf2afm, pfm2kpx and ot2kpx.
OT2KPX - extract all kerning pairs from an OpenType font. 
PFM2KPX - extract all kerning pairs from buggy .pfm files (the ones 
  where pf2afm complains ".notdef character occurred among kern pairs").
SHOWGLYPHS - create a pdf file that shows all glyphs in a font.

Please see the documentation of the individual programs for further  
- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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