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Fri Oct 28 11:58:07 CEST 2005

On Fri, 28 Oct 2005, Volker Kiefel submitted a new version of the



Location on CTAN: support/references
License: gpl


REFERENCES is bibliographic software for authors of
scientific manuscripts and for management of
bibliographic data of ARTICLES IN JOURNALS, of BOOKS,
of CHAPTERS IN BOOKS and other document types including
notes and electronic documents. REFERENCES supports
LaTeX including BibTeX.  Bibliographic records in
MEDLINE format are easily imported. Retrieval of
references is possible by keywords, authors' or
editors' names, date of publication, title of article,
book title, journal name and other data fields.  Lists
of references can be compiled in any bibliographic
style required by the publishers of scientific
journals. At present, REFERENCES is provided with a
text based console interface compiled for
win32-systems, an external text editor is required for
editing data.

New in References version 4.2:

New field IDNR (``identification numbers'') will
contain DOI, url and other identification numbers as
the PubMed identification numbers. These numbers can be
addressed by bibliographic/macro format definitions
and they can be searched from search commands.

Width of the field for the journal code has been
enlarged from 4 to 10 characters. Changes in the
structure of the table for format definitions: field
width changed from 14 to 24 characters

AWK-scripts for text manipulation (accessible through
the [edit-main-p] option) are debugged and rewritten so
that the output file name can be selected. Scripts are
now more `portable', they do no longer depend upon
gawk, but may now also be used with awk (Kernighan) or
mawk. Kernighan's awk is now included instead of gawk.

The function for selection of files by the user now
asks for initial characters. New command [edit-main-h]
calls PDF viewer with the References documentation

Change in user interface: if the variable
OPEN_EDITOR_YN is set to `1' (default) in the
configuration file, References prompts the user to open a
previously created/changed text file with the message:

  open editor with ``name-of-text-file''? [y/n]

This makes the References user interface more
comfortable. You may turn off this behaviour by setting
`OPEN_EDITOR_YN=0' in refs.cfg, then References will
work like v4.1j and earlier.


Thanks for the upload.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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