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The following information was provided by the package's contributor.

Name of contribution: microtype
Author's name: R Schlicht
Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/contrib/microtype
Summary description: An interface to the micro-typographic extensions 
  of pdfTeX
License type: lppl

Announcement text given by the package's contributor:

 Changes in version 1.9
 * Support for context-sensitive setup; different settings may be applied
   to different parts of the document (e.g. depending on the language);
   new command \microtypecontext to change the configuration context;
   new key `context' for the configuration commands
 * New command \DisableLigatures to disable ligatures of a font or set of
   fonts; this is especially useful for T1 encoded typewriter fonts
   (requires pdfTeX version 1.30 or later)
 * New key `font' to add single fonts to the font sets
 * New key `preset' to set all characters to the specified value before
   loading the lists
 * Support for the Polish OT4 encoding (protrusion, expansion, inheritance)
 * Support for the Vietnamese T5 encoding (protrusion, expansion, inheritance)
 * `unit=relative' renamed to `unit=character'
 * `DVIoutput' will work with TeXLive 2004

A preview of the next version is also included, which supports the new
experimental extensions of pdfTeX: adjustment of interword spacing (glue)
and the possibility to specify additional character kerning. The former may
improve the appearance of the text even more, the latter allows for instance
to insert small spaces before certain characters (e. g., for typesetting in
the French tradition) without having to use active characters; also,
letterspacing can be implemented in a robust way (albeit prohibiting
hyphenation -- this may change in the future!). Currently, these extensions
are only available through patches from http://pdftex.sarovar.org/.

To generate the extended version of the `microtype' package and its
documentation, simply remove the comments before `\betatrue’ near the
beginning of microtype.ins and microtype.dtx.

 Changes in version 2.0-beta
 * Support for the new experimental extensions of pdfTeX: adjustment of interword
   spacing (glue), and additional kerning (requires pdfTeX 1.30.3 plus patches);
   new commands \SetExtraSpacing and \SetExtraKerning;
   new options `spacing', `kerning'
 * New option `babel' to activate automatic adjustment to the `babel' package
 * New commands \textls and \lsstyle for letterspacing


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