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Sun Sep 4 17:01:10 CEST 2005

Hendri Adriaens writes:

> powerdot is a new presentation class for LaTeX that
> allows for the quick and easy development of professional
> presentations. It comes with many tools that enhance
> presentations and aid the presenter.
> The class is fully functional, tested and well documented.
> A short overview of features:
> 1) portrait and landscape slides
> 2) screen ratio, a4 paper and letter paper
> 3) simple interface for making presentations fast
> 4) DVI, PS or PDF output can be used for viewing
> 5) powerful template system to easily develop new styles
> 6) easy overlays creations
> 7) personal notes
> 8) handout mode
> 9) black slide
> etcetera
> The class currently comes with 6 different styles, but work
> is being done to add more styles. Furthermore, also a layout
> file for LyX users is currently being developed. A mailinglist
> is available for asking questions or providing feedback.
> See for more information the PDF documentation that comes
> with the class.
> Background
> ==========
> While working on HA-prosper, it was found that some problems
> with the prosper class could not be solved by a package. A
> new class, called TeXciting, was announced to solve these
> issues. Over time, the class changed name to powerdot.
> This class should be considered as a replacement for the
> prosper plus HA-prosper combination and can do everything that
> HA-prosper did and more. The class is a fully new implementation
> of the ideas behind HA-prosper, but in a totally new fashion, so
> that both simplification of the user interface and simplification
> of the designer interface could be accomplished. However, changes
> necessary to convert presentations from HA-prosper to powerdot
> will be minimal.
> In that respect, support for HA-prosper will be decreased over
> time and users are adviced to use powerdot for new presentations.
> We hope that you will enjoy the new class.
> -Hendri Adriaens
> -Christopher Ellison

i've installed the new class in ctan:macros/latex/contrib/powerdot (as
hendri suggested), and made a new entry in the catalogue.

thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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