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The following information was provided by the package's contributor.

Name of contribution: otftofd
Author's name: Geoffrey Washburn
Location on CTAN: /fonts/utilities/otftofd
Summary description: otftofd is a script to help with the task of 
  generating a NFSS font description file and a map file from a 
  large collection of OpenType fonts.
License type: gpl

Announcement text given by the package's contributor:
otftofd is a script I wrote to help the task of generating a NFSS font 
description file and a map file from a large collection of OpenType 
fonts. In particular, when considering Adobe Pro Optical fonts, there 
is almost a combinatorial nightmare when attempting to create these 
files by hand.

This software is still probably alpha quality and mostly designed 
specifically for Adobe font conventions. It currently has experimental 
support for generating swashed versions of a font and fonts consisting 
of ornaments. There is some preliminary support for selecting 
encodings, but it is far from complete. The tool has been mostly 
tested with the T1 Cork encoding. For more information about using 
the tool, invoke it with the --help option.

otftofd is written in CaSH (Caml Shell) and additionally requires 
Eddie Kohler's excellent LCDF Typetools.

ofttofd was originally called "adobe-font-tool", but at the 
suggestion of CTAN it was renamed to hopefully be more descriptive.

otftofd is licensed under the FSF General Public License. Do not 
hesitate to send me bug reports or fixes, other improvements, or 
suggestions.  Contact me via e-mail at washburn at acm.org.

There is a public, read-only, Subversion repository for otftofd at 

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