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On Sat, 24 Sep 2005 Uwe Kern submitted an update to the



xcolor provides easy driver-independent access to several kinds of color
tints, shades, tones, and mixes of arbitrary colors.  It allows a user to
select a document-wide target color model and offers complete tools for
conversion between eight color models.  Additionally, there is a command
for alternating row colors plus repeated non-aligned material (like
horizontal lines) in tables.  Colors can be mixed like

Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/contrib/xcolor/
License type: lppl

Announcement text:
2005/09/23 v2.04
* New features:
    - preparation for usage of additional - driver-provided - color
    - `pstricks' users may now specify explicit color parameters within
      \psset and related commands, e.g. \psset{linecolor=[rgb]{1,0,0}};
      an illustrative example is given in xcolor2.tex.
* Changes:
    - color model names sanitized (i.e., turned to catcode 12)
      throughout the package;
    - \@namelet command deprecated because of name clash with
      `memoir' - please use \XC at let@cc instead
      (more \XC at let@.. commands are available as well);
    - simplified color conversion code by using the new \XC at ifxcase
    - some minor changes to internal macros.

Thanks for the upload.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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