A new package on CTAN: mcaption

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Mon Sep 26 21:13:42 CEST 2005

Stephan Hennig writes:

> Name of contribution: mcaption package
> Author's name: Stephan Hennig
> Location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/mcaption
> Summary description: Put captions in margin
> License type: lppl
> Announcement text given by the package's contributor:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> This package provides an mcaption environment which puts
> figure or table captions in the margin. The package only
> works with one of the great KOMA-Script document classes
> scrartcl, scrreprt or scrbook. See the documentation to
> learn more about this package.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

i've installed the package and pushed it out to the rest of the world;
i've also made a catalogue entry for it.

thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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