tug.ctan.org site will not be working for a while

CTAN Announcements ftpmaint at alan.smcvt.edu
Tue Apr 18 12:28:12 CEST 2006

I believe that http://tug.ctan.org is back.  I would appreciate an email
if someone notices a remaining problem.  I will leave a small notice up
on the home page for a day or two.

The major reason for the outage was a software upgrade that should
improve our ability to gather and maintain metadata.  In particular,
there is an improved upload facility that will allow contributers to
directly edit package descriptions, etc.  These scripts should emerge
from testing in the coming weeks.

Allow me, please, a thanks. Part of the upgrade -- the part I was
scratching my head about -- involved putting a version 8 of the database
PostgreSQL onto my Debian system (Sarge stable now has a version 7).
While I was aware that magical things can be done with apt-get, dpkg,
etc., I didn't personally know how to do them.  Then I found Vadim
Kutchin's article
and it was perfect.  Of course, CTAN is built on the contibutions of
many people so in some ways I am not surprised at his generosity in
publishing the steps, but wow was I glad when that article title showed
in Google!

Jim Hefferon
St Michael's College

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