CTAN package update: textpos 1.7

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Thu Aug 24 23:22:56 CEST 2006

Norman Gray writes:

> Name of contribution: textpos 1.7
> Author's name: Norman Gray
> Author's email: norman at astro.gla.ac.uk
> Location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/textpos/ (replacing current version)
> Summary description: Place text at arbitrary positions on the LaTeX page
> License type: gpl
> Announcement text given by the package's contributor:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> This package facilitates placing boxes at absolute positions on the
> LaTeX page.  There are several reasons why this might be useful, but
> the main one (or at least my motivating one) is to help produce a
> large-format conference poster.  Other applications include placing
> material within, say, figures.
> Version 1.7 adds control over the colour of the rules round text blocks, and 
> makes it possible to switch these rules on and off within the file
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

i have installed the new version and updated the catalogue.  see the
catalogue entry


for access to the package documentation, and to download.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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