CTAN package upgrade: FrenchPro to V5,999

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Wed Aug 30 00:47:09 CEST 2006

Bernard Gaulle writes:

> Dear CTAN maintainers,
>    I just upload to ftp.tex.ac.uk the archive frenchPRO.tar.gz which
> is the updated version V5,999 of FrenchPro. This is all the material
> to replace the "nonfree" language/french/frenchpro.
>    FrenchPro is distributed as shareware with all source files ; it
> is designed for typesetting professional French documents and can
> work alone as a LaTeX package as well as an option of Babel or MLP.
> This distribution is using the keyboard package along with the msg
> package for localization. i-installers are included for all
> platforms: Windows, Unix, macOs X, Linux and co.
>    This is an intermediate update with bugs corrections related to
> the jurabib and natbib packages.
>    The FrenchPro web site is at http://frenchpro6.com/french/

i have installed the new version; it should be at the main ctan sites
by now, as well as some of the mirrors.  i've also updated the
catalogue -- see


thanks, bernard, for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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