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Tue Dec 5 18:56:29 CET 2006

The package described below has been updated on CTAN.

Thanks for the contribution,
Jim Hefferon


Name of contribution:  Eplain 3.1
My name:               Oleg Katsitadze
My email:              olegkat at gmail.com
Summary description:   Release 3.1 of Eplain
License:               Mostly public domain, some contributions GPL
CTAN location:         macros/eplain


Eplain is a set of TeX macros that expands on and extends the
definitions in plain TeX in a "style-neutral" fashion.  The areas
addressed by the Eplain macros include:  commutative or
arrow-theoretic diagrams; verbatim listings; table of contents;
indexing; bibliographies with BibTeX; cross-references; double-,
triple-, quadruple-columns; hypertext links (pdfTeX, dvipdfm and
HyperTeX are supported); and loading (a few) LaTeX packages under
plain TeX.

For more info please visit http://www.tug.org/eplain .

News for this (3.1) release:

* Rearranged the distro to comply with TDS.
* Distro now includes PDF, HTML and INFO versions of the manual.
* Removed etex.tex.

LaTeX packages under Eplain:
* When reloading LaTeX packages, warn and skip reloading, instead of
  giving an error.  Suggested by Dan Luecking.
* The primitive \input is now restored after loading LaTeX packages.
* Added more "LaTeX" defs needed by:  the `draft' option to
  graphic{s,x}.sty; warnings from epstopdf.sty when graphics.sty is
  not loaded.

* Added the `hypertex' driver, and made it the default driver.
* Made footnote hyperlinks off by default.
* Added the \href macro.  Suggested by Dorai Sitaram.
* LABEL argument of the hyperlink macros now allow special characters
  like # and ~ (useful for URLs).  Suggested by Dorai Sitaram.
* Fixed a hyperlink-related bug in equation macros.
* Fixed a bug in the `nolinks' driver.
* Added \writenumberedtocline macro, which is \writenumberedtocentry
  with permuted parameters.  Suggested by Dorai Sitaram.
* Hyperlink macros now ignore leading spaces in option lists.
* All hyperlink macros now report errors until links are enabled.

Cross-references, TOC and indexing:
* Added warnings about multiply defined xref labels.  Suggested by
  Tomas Penicka.
* Fixed \definexref to (once again) ignore following spaces.
* Indexing macros now read TERM, SUBTERM and SEE... arguments
  verbatim, to allow special characters and catcode changes.
  Suggested by Dorai Sitaram.
* Extended the TOC macros:  when given an integer for the type of a
  TOC entry, they write \tocentry{NUM}... to the .toc file.  Suggested
  by Dorai Sitaram.

Programming defs:
* Added \ifinteger and \isinteger macros.
* Added \For loop which strips off leading spaces from items.

* Added demo subdir with demo files, and added new chapter `Demo
  files' to the manual.
* Documented \ifempty, the extended \loop macro, and the new macros.
* Many small improvements and additions to the manual.

* Added new \nolastlinelisting listing hook which omits the last
  (empty) line of the file.
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