CTAN package update: UK TeX FAQ v3.16c-1

CTAN Announcements ctan-ann at dante.de
Mon Dec 18 12:56:43 CET 2006

I have installed a new version of the UK TeX FAQ on CTAN, in directory

This new version includes some work on tidying the FAQ-as-a-whole, and a
small number of improvements and additions (see extracts from the
CHANGES file, copied below).

(I did in fact install a new copy last week, but problems with it were
detected almost immediately, so I delayed announcement until the
problems were resolved and this replacement installed.)

The FAQ appears on CTAN as
and in the catalogue as

However, browsing (and rather feeble searching) is best achieved via the
web interface at

The CHANGES file for this release mentions:

Changes in version 3.16c

New answer:
 +Label isdef:    "is this command defined?" tests

Revised answers:
 +Label bibprefixsort: two new examples
 +Label citeURL:  provide a list (rather than a bunch) of alternative
                  styles, mention babelbib
 +Label multirow: mention the case of multicolumn-multirow
 +Label music:    correct Web output of package list at end of answer
 +Label oarglikesect: mention kernel command \@dblarg
 +Label secthead: rewritten accounts of sectsty & titlesec
 +Label tutbitslatex: added pointer to Fauske's page on PGF/TikZ
 +Label watermark: noted that package draftcopy doesn't work with pdflatex,
 +Label watermark: mention draftwatermark
 +Label whatbst:  correct reed.edu link

 +Release dates are now represented in ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd) --
  previously we used the LaTeX format, using solidus instead of hyphen

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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