CTAN package update --- phoenician font bundle

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Tue Feb 7 12:19:26 CET 2006

Peter Wilson writes:

> Dear CTAN/Robin,
>     I have uploaded archaic.tar.gz and phoenician.tar.gz to UK incoming.
>     archaic.tar.gz contains some replacements for the sample files in 
> fonts/archaic. A new version of the phoenician bundle is in 
> phoenician.tar.gz. Please use this to replace the current 
> fonts/archaic/phoenician.
> >From the README:
>     The phoenician bundle provides PostScript Type1 fonts for the semitic 
> script in use from about 1600 BC, which formed the basis for all the world's 
> alphabets. This is one of a series for archaic scripts.
> Changes in version 2.2 (2006/02/05)
> o Changes to the glyphs for aleph, lamed, and yod.

i've installed the updates, and updated the catalogue.

thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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