CTAN package update: csquotes beta 2

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Thu Feb 16 21:54:59 CET 2006

Philipp Lehman writes:

> I've placed `csquotes.tar.gz' in the incoming directory of the CTAN UK 
> node. This should go into macros/latex/contrib/csquotes/testing. 
> Please overwrite the old files and announce the upload as usual.
> Note that this update only affects the 'testing' subdirectory. The 
> 'stable' subdirectory remains unchanged.

from the catalogue:

      The csquotes package provides advanced facilities for inline and
      display quotations. It is designed for a wide range of tasks
      ranging from the most simple applications to the more complex
      demands of formal quotations.

> Changes in beta 1:
> * Added support for UTF-8 encoded active quotes
> * Modified active quotes, catcode 7 no longer allowed
> * Modified delimiters, catcode 3, 4, and 7 no longer allowed
> * Added value `once' to package option `babel'
> Changes in beta 2:
> * Modified active quotes, catcode 8 no longer allowed
> * Modified delimiters, catcode 8 no longer allowed
> * Active quotes may now be defined in the document body
> * Renamed \RestoreQuotes to \EnableQuotes
> * Added \DeleteQuotes
> * Added \ExecuteQuoteOptions
> * Added new style variant for French
> * Improved nesting control for active block quotes
> * Ensure that delimiters are robust if they are active

i've installed the new material, and am committing a catalogue update
as i write.

thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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