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Fri Jul 14 16:36:26 CEST 2006

On Thu, 13 Jul 2006, Alex Romanenko submitted an update to the



Visual-TeX is a TeX-oriented text editor which uses Neil Hodgson's
Scintilla editing component as source code editor, and a TeX lexer by
the package author. The editor has several valuable TeX-specific
features, including forward search capability from YAP.

Location on CTAN: /systems/win32/visualtex
Summary description: A TeX-oriented visual editor for Windows platforms
License type: gpl

Announcement text:
final version 3.0
I suppose that in nearest time it will remains without changes.

Editor macro are editable now. Simple macro script compiler is added.
Small bugs are fixed.

Thanks for the upload.

For the CTAN Team,

     Joachim Schrod

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