CTAN package update: minitoc version 46

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Thu Jul 20 17:10:29 CEST 2006

Jean-Pierre Drucbert writes:

> I have uploaded a new version (#46) of the minitoc package in
> the /incoming directory of ftp.tex.ac.uk .
> This package should completely replace its previous version in
>   tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/minitoc/
> The licence is LPPL.
> This package allows the creation of mini-tables of contents,
> lists of figures or lists of tables per part, chapter or
> section, with language dependent titles.
> This new version has the following changes or improvements:
> =======================================================================
> Minitoc version #46
> -- Added a comment about the thailatex package.
> -- Generation of some example files with minitoc.dtx/minitoc.ins:
>      2c.tex, add.tex, addsec.tex, app-mem.tex, apx.tex, bo.tex,
>      ch0.tex, cri.tex, fo1.tex, fo2.tex, gaps.tex, hia.tex, hide1.tex,
>      hide2.tex, hir.tex, hop.tex, livre.tex, mem.tex, mem1.tex,
>      mini-art.tex, minitoc-ex.tex, mu.tex, scr.tex, second.tex,
>      subf.tex, tbi.tex, tlc.tex, tsfc.tex, and the resulting .pdf files.
>      Note that the code of theses example files is documented.
> -- Added a chapter ``Examples of documents''.
> -- Used the lipsum package in some of the examples of documents.
> -- Corrections about the depth of minilofs, minilots and siblings.
> -- Corrections in french2.mld.
> -- Updated the jargon chapter and the bibliography.
> -- In the history, the not released versions are now flagged by
>    \textbf{\textreferencemark} in place of \ensuremath{\star}
>    (for released versions).
> -- The ``About this document'' section becomes a starred first chapter.
>    It is VERY STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to read this short chapter.
> -- Corrections in add.tex and addsec.tex for the index.
> -- Added the xmk script to typeset the examples into PDF documents.
> -- Updated the scripts to treat the examples.
> -- Do not forget \jobname.mtc1 in the list of files.
> -- In the scripts, the backup directory (OLD) is now /tmp/USERNAME/OLD.
> -- In the scripts, the repartition directories (CL[0-9]) are now
>    /tmp/USERNAME/CL[0-9].
> =======================================================================
> The admistrative trivia are in the `catalog' file in the
> distribution.
> Note that the documentation is mainly available in PDF form,
> -- in english (not perfect): minitoc.pdf
> -- in french: fminitoc.pdf
> The INSTALL file (and, better, the ``Installation'' chapter in the
> documentation) describes the files of this package (the list
> of files is in minitoc.l).

i've installed the new version as requested, and pushed it out the the
other ctan sites; i've also updated the tex catalogue entry.

thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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