CTAN package upgrade: gellmu, version 0.8.2

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 9 13:07:43 CET 2006

William F. Hammond writes:

> I've uploaded version 0.8.2 of GELLMU to ftp.tex.ac.uk
> I suggest that it be placed in "support/gellmu".
> License: GPL

i have installed the upgrade as suggested, and updated the catalogue

> This is a maintenance release incorporating a number of relatively
> small improvements as well as bug fixes.  It supersedes previous
> versions although small changes in the XML document type may affect
> old documents slightly.
> GELLMU stands for "Generalized Extensible LaTeX-Like MarkUp".  It
> provides a way to write in an XML document type of one's choice using
> LaTeX-like source.  In addition, for its "regular" track the package
> provides software for reliable translation of its own "article" XML
> document type to ordinary LaTeX, classical HTML (suitable for terminal
> window browsers and palmtops), and the modern form of HTML with
> support for mathematics (XHTML+MathML).  More information may be found
> at the website, http://www.albany.edu/~hammond/gellmu
> Changes since the last CTAN posting (which was October 2004),
> as noted in the file "README":
> ---
> IMPORTANT ISSUE for MathML output
> The newer versions of Perl are somewhat incompatible regarding with
> less new versions regarding the UTF-8 content-encoding.  This can
> create problems with parsing math zones while generating XHTML+MathML
> output.  One of the aspects of this issue is that the meaning of "use
> UTF-8" has changed (as advertised by advance warnings).  The specific
> concern is with splitting a UTF-8 string into the array of its
> characters.
> It seems to be the case with Perl 5.6 that "use UTF-8" is adequate for
> Gellmu's parsing, while with Perl 5.8.1 and later one wants both "use
> UTF-8" and "use encoding".  There seems to be no "encoding" available
> by default in 5.6.  Consequently, this release of gellmu provides a
> dummy library "encoding.pm" that is intended for use when there is no
> separate "encoding" package installed with Perl 5.6.  With the newer
> Perl versions simply move the small dummy "encoding.pm" out of (or to
> another name in) the "perllib" directory in the Gellmu tree.
> CHANGES IN VERSION 0.8.2 (28 Feb 2006)
> 1.  Tables and Tabular now have functioning p cells.  Only "par",
>     not "parb", should be used to introduce a new paragraph in
>     a tabular p-cell.  For a forced linebreak inside a p-cell use
>     the named form \brk rather than "\\", which may only be used
>     to begin a new row.
> 2.  Horizontal alignment in tables and tabular now function in
>     HTML, as do horizontal rules (via hline in tabular or trule
>     in table) and vertical rules (via '|' in table or tabular
>     argument).  Much of the new functionality with tables in HTML
>     is based on assuming web browsers have CSS2 support.
> 3.  Added support for the attribute "style" of "assertion", which
>     plays the role of \theoremstyle in LaTeX.  If "style" is unset,
>     the assertion is set in italics, while if "style" has the value
>     "definition", the assertion is set upright.
> 4.  Bug.  Finally decided to rely on CSS for HTML/XHTML handling
>     of assertion style.
> 5.  Bug.  Used the "bm" package in LaTeX formatting (and CSS in
>     XHTML+MathML) to correct the appearance of "mathbf". 
> 6.  The elements "par" and "parb" are no longer allowed inside "emph".
>     The element "par" now requires explicit closing in source.
> 7.  Use of the elements "mbox", "regch", and "text", is now restricted
>     to math zones.
> 8.  Minor changes will be needed in order for some old documents to be
>     used with new DTDs.
> 9.  Numerous bug fixes.
> CHANGES IN VERSION (01 Feb 2005)
> 1.  Bug/Change.  Coding for the element "text" inside math elements
>     in "mathprep.pl" had assumed that "text" had no sub-elements
>     (consistent with the content model of MathML's "mtext").
>     The author is debating with himself as to whether this is too
>     restrictive.  Meanwhile that code has been changed.
> 2.  Change.  Added AMSMath names "ltimes", "rtimes", and "mp" to
>     the "article" document type.
> 3.  Bug/Change.  Pushed handling of the element "sref" out to end
>     formatters (parallel to handling of "ref") so as to use the
>     ".xlb" database.
> 4.  Change.  Added handling in HTML and LaTeX formatters of "eqntag".
> 5.  Change.  Positive labelwidth in LaTeX formatting of "menu" and "Menu".
> CHANGES IN VERSION (01 Dec 2004)
> 1.  Bug fix.  The script "mathprep.pl" was failing to write 'mchld=""'
> when a container had no actual content, thereby causing "htmlgart.pl"
> to exit with an error message.
> 2.  Bug fix.  The parameter entity "%opline" was nonsensically
> allowing "%fmath" content.  Its model was tightend and a new version
> "%mopline" using "math|tmath" instead of "%fmath" was created for use
> with "itemlabel" and "op0".
> 3.  Bug fix.  The shell script "bin/linux/lmkg" was revised to prevent
> failure with some versions of "/bin/sh".
> 4.  Change.  The HTML "dl" written by "htmlgart.pl" for formatting
> "assertion" was revised to have "class" attribute "assertion" so
> that CSS-controlled margins can be customized.
> 5.  Change.  The CSS stylesheet "webstyle/mxh.css" was changed to zero
> left and right margins for "dl.assertion" and to inhibit linebreaking
> inside all "math" containers, inline as well as block.
> 6.  Bug fix.  Comments were inhibited (for validation) at the top level
> of "thebibliography".
> 7.  Change.  Provided a GMT timezone option for the banner datestamp in
>     HTML output.

thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

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