CTAN package update: frenchle (updated to V5,9991)

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Sat Oct 7 00:34:40 CEST 2006

Bernard Gaulle writes:

>    I've upload to ftp.tex.ac.uk the file frenchle.tar.gz which is a replacement
> for language/french/frenchle. This is the new version (V5,9991) for 
> the LaTeX package frenchle, a ready to use package for typesetting 
> French documents with or without Babel.

i've installed the new version; thank you for the upload.

> This upgrade (V5,9991) provides a new file "babel.fr" which is a 
> little package designed to load Babel and accept the global option 
> "french" for other French options not distributed with Babel, like 
> frenchle. This is to restore the facility lengthy allowed by Babel 
> but stopped at the end of 2003.
> Documentation has been updated; French guillemets usage now documented.

users who would like to browse the package may do so via its updated
catalogue page at


Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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