CTAN package update: biblatex 0.2

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Thu Sep 7 14:33:05 CEST 2006

Philipp Lehman writes:

> I've uploaded `biblatex.tar.gz' to the incoming directory of the UK 
> node. This is an update for macros/latex/exptl/biblatex. Please 
> purge the old files, install the new ones, and announce the upload as 
> usual.
> Thank you very much.
> See the file `RELEASE' for release notes.
> Added bibliography categories
> Added \DeclareBibliographyCategory
> Added \addtocategory
> Added "category" and "notcategory" filters
> Added \bibbycategory
> Added usage examples for bibliography categories
> Added documentation of configuration file
> Added documentation of \ExecuteBibliographyOptions
> Added documentation of \AtBeginBibliography
> Added \AtEveryBibitem
> Added \AtEveryCite
> Added \AtEveryCitekey
> Added optional argument to \printtext
> Added \ifpage
> Added \ifpages
> Added field "titleaddon"
> Added field "booktitleaddon"
> Added field "maintitleaddon"
> Added field "library"
> Added field "part"
> Added field "origlocation"
> Added field "origtitle"
> Added field "origyear"
> Added field "origlanguage"
> Modified profile of field "language"
> Extended entry type "book"
> Extended entry type "inbook"
> Extended entry type "collection"
> Extended entry type "incollection"
> Extended entry type "proceedings"
> Extended entry type "inproceedings"
> Added entry type alias "www"
> Added compatibility code for the showkeys package
> Support arbitrary characters in "keyword" and "notkeyword" filters
> Support arbitrary characters in "keywords" field
> Ignore spaces after commas in "keywords" field
> Internal rearrangement of all bibliography styles
> Fixed various bugs
> The biblatex package is a complete reimplementation of the
> bibliographic facilities provided by LaTeX in conjunction with
> BibTeX. It redesigns the way in which LaTeX interacts with BibTeX at
> a fairly fundamental level. With biblatex, BibTeX is only used to
> sort the bibliography and to generate labels. Instead of being
> implemented in BibTeX's style files, the formatting of the
> bibliography is entirely controlled by TeX macros. Good working
> knowledge in LaTeX should be sufficient to design new bibliography
> and citation styles. There is no need to learn BibTeX's postfix
> stack language. Just like the bibliography styles, all citation
> commands may be freely (re)defined.

i have installed the update on CTAN macros/latex/exptl/biblatex

thanks for the upload.

the catalogue isn't much changed since v0.1, but users may
conveniently access the package via the catalogue page


thanks for the upload, philipp -- the more i read about the package,
the more impressed i am.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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