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Location on CTAN: support/references
Licensing conditions: gpl

 > Summary: REFERENCES is bibliographic software for
 > authors of scientific manuscripts and for management of
 > bibliographic data of ARTICLES IN JOURNALS, of BOOKS,
 > of CHAPTERS IN BOOKS and other document types including
 > notes and electronic documents. REFERENCES supports
 > LaTeX including BibTeX.  Bibliographic records in
 > MEDLINE format are easily imported. Retrieval of
 > references is possible by keywords, authors' or
 > editors' names, date of publication, title of article,
 > book title, journal name and other data fields.  Lists
 > of references and formatted citations in the text can
 > be compiled in any bibliographic style required by the
 > publishers of scientific journals.  REFERENCES is
 > provided with a text based console interface compiled
 > for win32-systems and as Linux port. An external text
 > editor is required for editing data.
 > Changes: Beginning with v4.3, References is provided as
 > Linux and win32 program. Encoding of the internal data
 > representation and of .arr, .fd and text files has been
 > changed.  v4.3b: Linux installations with both utf-8
 > encoding and with latin-1 or latin-9 encoding are
 > supported.  v4.3c: `less' can now be used for reading
 > text files.
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