CTAN Update: oberdiek bundle -- bookmark v0.1, flags v0.1, zref v1.5, bmpsize v1.1

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Mon Feb 19 13:53:42 CET 2007

On Mon, 19 Feb 2007 at 13:33 +0100, Heiko Oberdiek submitted an update to 
the oberdiek bundle.

 > New packages:
 > * bookmark v0.1
 >   This package implements a new bookmark (outline) organization
 >   for package hyperref. Bookmark properties such
 >   as style and color can now be set. Other action types
 >   are available (URI, GoToR, Named). The bookmarks are
 >   generated in the first compile run. Package hyperref
 >   uses two runs.
 > * flags v0.1
 >   Package flags allows the setting and clearing
 >   of flags in bit fields and converts the bit field into a
 >   decimal number. Currently the bit field is limited to 31 bits.
 > Updates:
 > * zref v1.5
 >   * \zref at getcurrent added.
 >   * Modul savepos with support for Xe\TeX
 > * bmpsize v1.1
 >   * Internal change: 1in replaced 72.27pt (TeX is too inaccurate with 1in)

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