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On Tue, 2 Jan 2007, Heiko Oberdiek submitted a new version of


Location on CTAN: graphics/pdftex/pdftex.def
License: LPPL

Latest changes:

% 2007/01/01 v0.04a (HO)
%  * Support of color stack, introduced in pdfTeX 1.40.0.
%  * Support of transform matrix commands of pdfTeX 1.40.0.
%  * The argument for option `page' can be a register.

  * Internal change: Switching of color stacks is easier by using
    \@pdfcolorstack for the stack number. Thus this command
    should be redefined, if someone wants to use another color stack
    (e.g. for footnotes). \main at pdfcolorstack should not be changed
    for this purpose.

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