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Sat Jan 6 10:08:06 CET 2007

On Fri, 5 Jan 2007, Dirk Krause submitted version 2.0.0 of the



Location on CTAN: /support/bmeps
Summary description: Converter from PNG/JPEG/Tgb81AIFF/NetPBM to EPS and PDF
License type: bsd

Announcement text: 
 > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 > The bmeps program was rewritten completely.
 > Advantages from a users point of view:
 > - Bmeps can produce PS/EPS and PDF now.
 > - Easier configuration. Simply type
 >     bmeps -leps2 input.png output.eps
 >   instead of the former
 >     bmeps -p 2 -c -e r8 input.png output.eps
 > - Better compression:
 >   - Use of the "multiple data sources" feature
 >     allows run-length compression of horizontal
 >     lines in the same color. Previous versions
 >     allowed run-length compression only for
 >     gray lines.
 >   - Pass-through of JPEG files. If bmeps successfully
 >     analyzes a JPEG file it uses the file contents
 >     directly as DCT-encoded data and only adds
 >     ASCII-Hex- or ASCII85-encoding. If the analysis
 >     function fails the program uses the JPEG library
 >     to read the image and uses the combination of
 >     run-length-, flate- and ASCII-Hex/ASCII85-encoding
 >     to produce output.
 > Advantages from my point of view:
 > - Using the dklibs libary set allows to combine
 >   different encoding/compression methods easier than
 >   in previous versions of bmeps.
 > - Grouping image reading functions in a separated
 >   library (dkbif library from the dklibs library set)
 >   makes it easier to add new file types.
 > ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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