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Thu Jun 7 11:20:44 CEST 2007

Jean-Pierre Drucbert <Jean-Pierre.Drucbert at onecert.fr> wrote:

> I have uploaded a new version (#54) of the minitoc package in
> the /incoming directory of ftp.tex.ac.uk . The file is named
>   minitoc.zip  (14665648 bytes)
> This package should completely replace its previous version in
>   tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/minitoc/
> The licence is LPPL.
> This package allows the creation of mini-tables of contents,
> lists of figures or lists of tables per part, chapter or
> section, with language dependent titles.
> This new version has the following changes or improvements:
> _______________________________________________________________________
> Minitoc version #54
>    -- Added the ``open'' and ``close'' features.
>    -- Indexing the features.
>    -- Added the mtc-ocf.tex example file.
>    -- Added the \mtcfixnomenclature command.
>    -- Added the mtc-nom.tex example file.
>    -- Correction in the \mtcsetfeature command and siblings.
>    -- Some mini-tables are set on two columns (or more) in the manual.
>    -- Indexing the messages. Messages noted in the right margin.
>    -- Corrected a bug in the mtcoff package.
>    -- Added latinc.mld and latinc2.mld for classical latin.
>    -- Added internal hyperlinks for messages.
>    -- Added \mtcoffset and co. for an horizontal offset of a mini-table.
>    -- Added \mtcsetoffset for an horizontal offset of a mini-table type.
>    -- Added the mtc-ofs.tex example file.
>    -- More internal links in the documentation.
>    -- Added a clickable table of all messages.
>    -- Added lithuanian2.mld, latvian2.mld and letton2.mld.
>    -- Updated the documentation.
> _______________________________________________________________________
> The administravive trivia are in the `CATALOG' file in the
> distribution.
> Please update my e-mail address: jean-pierre.drucbert at onera.fr
> because the old one will be obsolete in few months.
> Note that the documentation is mainly available in PDF form,
> -- in (not perfect) english: minitoc.pdf
> -- in french: fminitoc.pdf
> The ``cmk'' script may be used to convert the PDF documentation
> into PostScript.
> The INSTALL file (and, better, the ``Installation'' chapter in the
> documentation) describes the files of this package (the list
> of files is in minitoc.l).

thanks for the upload; i have installed the new version, and committed a
small change to the catalogue.  the catalogue itself will be updated

users may view the package catalogue entry at


and the package's ctan directory at


Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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