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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: JJ_Game Class
Author's name: D. P. Story
Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/contrib/jj_game
Summary description: A LaTeX class to construct Jeopardy-like games
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
This is a major update of the jj_game class that was first published 
9/3/2000 and made available through my web site at


JJ_game class is a Jeopardy-like game in which you compete for cyber 
money by answering questions composed by the game author. The questions 
can be multiple choice, math fill-in or text fill-in.

Since the year 2000, many techniques have been developed, and this 
version of jj_game has many enhancements an new features:
    (1) Added the ability to post math and text fill-in questions

    (2) Enhanced control over the color design of the game

    (3) The distribution comes with 9 designs (color schemes) jeopardy, 
    florida, iceland, hornet, qatar, norway, germany, bahamas and spain

    (4) Five general graphical backgrounds provided, and two additional 
    ones that are used in a custom design

    (5) language option, currently english and german. Additional 
    languages will be added as translators volunteer 

The basic game can be constructed using dvipsone, dvips, pdftex and 
dvipdfm (untested in this version).

Additionally, there is a pro option that requires the use of dvipsone 
or dvips and Acrobat Pro 7.0 or later with distiller.

I have used the jj_game class in some of my classes for extra credit; 
for this purpose, the following features were developed:

    (6) A forcredit option that forces the student---assuming the 
    contestant is taking the game for credit---to enter his/her name.

    (7) With the pro option, layers are used to hide the questions from 
    the contestant before he/she selects a question from the game board.   
    When the contestant selects a question, the question is made visible.  
    The questions are in layers with a no print attribute, so the  
    contestant cannot print out the game and distribute the questions to  
    other contestants even if the questions are visible.

Documentation jjg_man.pdf contains all details of the game, and 
wonderful demo files are also supplied.

Get the latest AeB (AcroTeX eDucation Bundle, web,exerquiz,etc) 


and if applicable, get AeB Pro


Hope you like the  new version, now, I simply must get back to my retirement!

one dps


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