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Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/contrib/koma-script
Summary description: KOMA-Script is a versatil LaTeX2e bundle
License type: lppl
Announcement text: 
KOMA-Script 2007/02/03 v2.97
Copyright (c) Markus Kohm , 1994-2007

KOMA-Script is a versatile bundle of LaTeX2e document
classes and packages.  It aims to be a replacement to
the standard LaTeX2e classes.  KOMA-Script does not stop
with the features known from the standard classes, but
it extends the possibilities in order to provide the
user an almost complete working environment.
For installation see INSTALL.txt (english) or
INSTALLD.txt (german, UTF-8).
Changes at v2.97:
 - page break improvements at toc
 - font of \minisec may be configured
 - new option "chapteratlists" to add chapter headings to
   at least lof and lot
 - fixed at scrlttr2: "refline=wide" and "refline=narrow"
   had inverse meaning
 - auto dot feature fixed
 - option "cleardoublepage" fixed
 - problem with \automark{subsubsection} fixed
 - \setcapwidth does not longer allow with less than 0pt
 - some minor fixes
Changes at v2.96:
 - Commands, that have an internal and an external name
   (defined using \let at as@internal at defined) may optional
   be defined only internal (using option internalonly).
   The backslash of the macro name has to be replaced by
   a slash at the option argument
   (e.g. "internalonly=/ifvtex/ifundefined").
 - typearea fix: set \topskip.
 - typearea: warn if \typearea is used at any group.
 - \maketitle sets \parskip etc. to avoid strange results
   and messages.
 - xkeyval workaround: preserve \CurrentOption from being
   destroyed by xkeyval's \setkeys
 - typearea: uses \ProcessOptions* instead of
   \ProcessOptions so options are executed at usage order
   instead of definition order.
 - fix: \usekomafont of an alias element does work
 - new: every font size may be set up
 - fix: \parsep at lists (instead of \parskip)
 - new at scrlttr2: option "backaddress=plain" to avoid
   underlined back sending address
 - new at scrlfile: \ReplaceClass, \ReplacePackage,
 - some manual fixes
This package is located at 
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Thanks for the upload.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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