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Jim Hefferon
Saint Michael's College


The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: AeB Pro
Author's name: D. P. Story
Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/contrib/aeb_pro
Summary description: Members of the AeB Pro Family of Software
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
A collection of four LaTeX packages and one batch file for Acrobat Pro.  
These are the first members in the AeB Pro Family of software. All 
packages require the use of Acrobar Pro and Acrobat Distiller.


(1) The aebXMP Package: A LaTeX package that fills in the advance 
metadata. Requires Acrobat 8 Professional, and uses E4X, the xml parser 
that is built into version 8 JavaScript engine.

(2) The AcroSort Package: A novelty package for importing an image 
that has been sliced into rows and columns and randomly rearranged. 
The JavaScript does a bubble sort on the picture.

(3) AeB Slicing batch sequence: This is  a batch sequence for Acrobat 
Pro that takes the image open in Acrobat and slices it into a specified 
number of rows and columns, and saves the slices to a designated folder.

(4) The AcroMemory Package: A LaTeX package that implements two 
variations of a memory game: (1) a single game board consisting of a 
number of tiles, each tile has a matching twin, the object is to find 
all the matching twins; (2) two game boards, both identical except one 
has been randomly rearranged, the object is the find the
    matching pieces in each of the two game boards.

(5) Robot Man: This one is just for fun.

The aeb_pro package itself has yet to be published. Coming soon, 
I hope. dps


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