New CTAN package: elatex 1.0

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Mon May 7 18:49:38 CEST 2007

Philipp Lehman wrote:

> I've uploaded `elatex.tar.gz' to the incoming directory of the UK 
> node. This is the initial upload of the elatex package. I suggest 
> installing it in macros/latex/contrib/elatex. Thank you very much.
> The elatex package is a toolbox of programming facilities geared 
> primarily towards LaTeX class and package authors. It provides LaTeX 
> frontends to some of the new primitives provided by e-TeX as well as 
> some generic tools which are not strictly related to e-TeX but match 
> the profile of this package. This package will not modify any part of 
> the LaTeX kernel. Its name is not meant to imply that it patches 
> LaTeX such that the kernel makes use of e-TeX facilities by default.

i've installed the package, and it should be at the tug and dante ctan
nodes, by now.  thanks for the upload.

i've updated the catalogue: users may view that:
or go direct to the archive entry:

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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