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ArabXeTeX provides a convenient ArabTeX-like user-interface for 
typesetting languages using the Arabic script in XeLaTeX, with flexible 
access to font features. Input in ArabTeX notation can be set in three 
different vocalization modes or in roman transliteration. Direct UTF-8 
input is also supported.  The parsing and converting of ArabTeX input to 
Unicode is done by means of TECkit mappings.  Version 1.0 provides support 
for Arabic, Maghribi Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Urdu, Sindhi, Kashmiri, 
Ottoman Turkish, Kurdish, Jawi (Malay) and Uighur. 

The documentation (not yet complete) covers topics such as typesetting the 
Holy Quran, typesetting bidirectional critical editions (with ednotes), 
and information on various recommended OpenType fonts for the Arabic 
script and for transliterating Oriental languages.

Location on CTAN: macros/xetex/latex/arabxetex
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
Version 1.1.1 is a bugfix release. No new functionality was added since 
version 1.1. A minimal example is now under doc/examples, together with 
the more complex demonstration of an Arabic critical edition with ednotes.

This package is located at 
.  More information is at
(if the package is new it may take a day for that information to 
appear).  We are supported by the TeX Users Group http://www.tug.org .  
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Thanks for the upload.

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