CTAN package update: acronym-1.33

CTAN admin (Robin Fairbairns) ctan at dante.de
Fri Dec 19 16:01:35 CET 2008

Tobias Oetiker wrote:

> I have uploaded acronym-1.33 to ftp.tex.ac.uk:/incoming/acronym-1.33.
> As usual, this is a minor update. Only announce it if it strikes you
> as important. 

here's an announcement to cover a series of minor updates, this year.

> Recent Changes:
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Version 1.33 (Dec 2008) Make the alternate acronym environment
> representation work. The test for the presence of optional argument was
> rather broken. When it worked, it did so for all the wrong reasons
> -- Enrico Gregorio
> Version 1.32 (May 2008) Altered code to redefine labels in
> order to cope with unreproducable bug-reports. Warnings turned into infos.
> -- Ulrich Diez
> Version 1.31 (April 2008) Renamed clearlist to AC at clearlist to fix
> name conflict with jurabib
> -- Philipp Lehman
> Version 1.30 (April 2008) Corrected code to redefine labels and
> adjusted behavior with \cmd{\AC at used}.
> -- Ulrich Diez
> Version 1.29 (April 2008) let withpage option show the 'corect' page number
> and not just the first one.
> -- Domagoj Babic (with help from Ulrich Diaz)
> ...
> -------------------------------------------------

thanks for the upload.  i've installed the files (both the text tree and
the .tds.zip file), and updated the catalogue repository.

users may read the catalogue entry (to be updated from the repository
tonight) at:
or browse the package directory at

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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