CTAN package update: mathtex

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Feb 20 11:19:40 CET 2008

John Forkosh writes:

>  + what you've uploaded
>       mathtex.zip
>            to replace support/mathtex/mathtex.zip
>  + which CTAN node you've uploaded to
>       ftp.tex.ac.uk
>  + where you want the files to go
>       support/mathtex
>           (The existing README file in support/mathtex
>            has changed.  Please replace that copy with
>            the updated copy in mathtex.zip.)
>  + what licensing conditions you apply to your software
>       GNU GPL
>  + brief summary of what your upload is intended to do.
>     o Changes since CTAN version 1.00 released in Oct, 2007:
>     o 11 Oct 2007 -- optional \usepackage[arg]{package} argument
>       now recognized correctly (initial release neglected to
>       handle optional [arg] following \usepackage).
>     o 12 Oct 2007 -- html &#nnn; now translated during preprocessing,
>       e.g., &#091 or [ becomes [ (left square bracket) before
>       it's submitted to latex.
>     o 12 Oct 2007 -- special mathTeX directives like \time
>       are now checked for proper command termination, i.e., non-alpha
>       character.  (In particular, LaTeX \times had been incorrectly
>       interpreted as mathTeX \time followed by an s.)
>     o 12 Oct 2007 -- url "unescape" translation, i.e.,
>       %20-to-blank, etc, repeated (done twice) for
>       <form> input.  (I'm not sure why this is necessary,
>       and can't reproduce the problem myself, but am acting
>       on seemingly reliable reports.)
>     o 20 Oct 2007 -- removed leading and trailing pairs of $$...$$'s
>       from input expressions, interpreting $...$ as \textstyle and
>       $$...$$ as \displaystyle (and $$$...$$$ as \parstyle).
>       Also removed leading and trailing \[...\], interpreting it
>       as \displaystyle.  (Note: \displaystyle is mathTeX's default,
>       so $$...$$'s or \[...\] are unnecessary.  But some people submit
>       expressions containing them, so they're now interpreted.)
>     o 16 Feb 2008 -- more robust test to display the correct
>       error message when a required dependency isn't installed.
>       (Occasionally, the "ran but failed" message was emitted
>       when a dependency was actually "not installed".)
>     o 16 Feb 2008 --  -DDENYREFERER=\"string\"  or
>       -DDENYREFERER=\"string1,string2,etc\"  compile switch added.
>       If compiled with it, mathTeX won't render images for
>       HTTP_REFERER's containing  string (or string1 or string2, etc)
>       as a substring of their url's.
>     o 17 Feb 2008 -- updated (slightly) documentation

Thanks for the upload; i've installed the new version, and updated the

Users may view the catalogue entry at
or they may view the package directory at
(which directory contains the zip file to download

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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