CTAN package update: Hyphenation Patterns in UTF-8 encoding

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Tue Jul 1 14:13:36 CEST 2008

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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: Hyphenation Patterns in UTF-8 encoding
Author's name: Mojca Miklavec
Location on CTAN: /
Summary description: Hyphenation patterns have been converted into UTF-8 
  and should serve as a replacement for the old patterns without any 
  change in functionality. The patterns should be considered upstream 
  replacement that will be used in TeX Live and other distrubutions 
  instead of loding the old files.
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
- hyph-en-gb.tex (ukhyphen) and hyph-en-us.tex (ushyphmax) added
- Russian and Ukrainian depend on the old loading schemes (for UTF-8) again
- some Russian patterns added (cyryoal (yo) for Russian and some more) that 
  were forgotten before
- import documentation for Bulgarian (still waiting for update from author)

one upload before that:
- Sanskrit added
- Serbo-Croatian fixed
- in Ancient Greek wrong patterns were loaded
- fixes in Turkish and Basque

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