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Mon Jun 2 01:17:32 CEST 2008

Peter Wilson wrote:

>     I have uploaded memoir161803.tar.gz to UK incoming. Please use the
> appropriate contents to replace the current
> macros/latex/contrib/memoir. I have also included a tds.tar.gz which
> hopefully presents everything laid out as a tds tree, but please ckeck
> this. The distribution is under the LPPL.
>     From the README:
> Memoir is a flexible class for typesetting poetry, fiction,
> non-fiction and mathematical works as books, reports, articles or
> manuscripts. Documents can use 9pt, 10pt, 11pt, 12pt, 14pt or 17pt as
> the normal fontsize and, if you have scalable fonts, 20pt, 25pt, 30pt,
> 36pt, 48pt or 60pt sizes, or any other size. Many methods are provided
> to let you create your particular design. The class incorporates over
> 30 of the more popular packages.
> Changes (2008/05/27)
> ** Memoir class v1.61803 released incorporating all patches since the
> last major release in 2005/09/25 and also all comments about
> v1.61803beta. Major additions are extended, or arbitrary, document
> font sizes and provision of several styles of section headings.
> ** User Manual (memman) edition 7 released matching v1.61803,
> incorporating the contents of the Addendum. The part on typography has
> been extended and a glossary of memoir's commands and environments has
> been added.
> ** There is no Addendum to the Manual.
> ** New (empty) version of mempatch.sty
>     This will be the last release for a considerable period of
> time. After 25 years in the USA we are moving back to the UK where
> there are grandchildren. The process will probably involve about 6
> months in LaTeX limbo. (My definition of `considerable period' may
> imply decades.)
>     If you have questions please ask them on the comp.text.tex
> newsgroup where you are likely to get more, better, and faster answers
> than contacting me directly.

i have installed the update, and updated the catalogue.  thanks for the

users may view the catalogue entry at
or browse the package directory at

note that the catalogue entry will be updated on the wqeb overnight --
it's not quite up-to-date at the time of writing.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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