CTAN Package update: UK TeX FAQ v3.18

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 20 17:23:43 CEST 2008

I have released v3.18 of the (English) FAQ, and installed it on CTAN as
well as its own little web site http://www.tex.ac.uk/faq

As always, there have been a number of minor changes since the last
release; the significant ones are listed in the file CHANGES-3.18 in the
distribution, which I append below.

Users may view the catalogue entry at
or visit the faq directory with its jumble of files at

There was a brief interruption of service with the Web version of the
FAQ; this related to the arrival of the new version and has (I think)
been corrected.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team (not to mention my own interests)

Changes in version 3.18

This file lists changes since its most recent release (with version 3.17
of the FAQ). 

New answers:
 +Label acroantics:getting Adobe Reader to produce the right size output
 +Label inst-scut: introduction to the old inst-miktex and to inst-tds-zip
 +Label inst-tds-zip: installing a package using .tds.zip files
 +Label onna-stick:making MikTeX run from a memory key
 +Label papergeom: how to select the correct paper geometry
 +Label prept1font:the generating metrics part of old instt1font
 +Label tds-zip:   brief outline of TDS ZIP files

Revised answers:
 +Label biblatex:  now discusses crossTeX too
 +Label bibtranscinit: discuss truly excessive sets of initials
 +Label chngmargonfly: mention new changepage package
 +Label findfiles: correct one of the search address links
 +Label fmtconv:   add tex4ht as a route to word format, tidy up
 +Label footintab: I _think_ the answer now says what I meant it to say!
 +Label labelfig:  mention (auto-)pst-pdf
 +Label letterspace: microtype now covers the functionality of old letterspace
 +Label luatex:	   detail some recent developments
 +Label oddpage:   mention new changepage package
 +Label papersize: rewritten as intro to new acroantics and papergeom
 +Label parallel:  mention the pdfcolparallel package
 +Label patch:	   rewrite to downplay patch, add mention of ted and etoolbox
 +Label pkfix:	   mention pkfix-helper
 +Label poster:	   updated with further informative links, etc.
 +Label protect:   rewritten (again)
 +Label psfchoice: add kpfonts, link to the font catalogue at various points
		   mention font catalogue (as a whole) and maths font survey
Web interface:
  A mechanism is now in place, whereby old question labels may be used to get
  to the nearest current equivalent of the question.  It does not cover *all*
  old questions: please mail faq-devel at tex.ac.uk if you have a problem with an
  old question label that you have stored.

  Bits of silliness in the web interface continue to surface.  They get mended
  as soon as I work out how; the most recent was a tendency not to translate
  \textbackslash -- I know how to correct it, but not why it happened...


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