CTAN package update: csquotes 4.0

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Sun Mar 2 19:47:08 CET 2008

Philipp Lehman wrote:

> I've uploaded `csquotes.tar.gz' to the incoming directory of the UK 
> node. This is an update for macros/latex/contrib/csquotes.
> The csquotes package provides advanced facilities for inline and 
> display quotations. It is designed for a wide range of tasks ranging 
> from the most simple applications to the more complex demands of 
> formal quotations.
> * e-TeX now mandatory requirement
> * New dependency on 'etoolbox' package
> * Added package option 'spanish'
> * Added variant 'mexican' to style 'spanish'
> * Removed variant 'oldstyle' from 'english' style
> * Removed variant 'oldstyle' from 'french' style
> * Removed variant 'imprimerie' from 'french' style
> * Expanded documentation
> * Added \openautoquote and \closeautoquote
> * Added \openinnerquote and \closeinnerquote
> * Moved predefined styles, variants, options to csquotes.def
> * Added more hints and examples to csquotes.cfg
> * Added extended PDF bookmarks to the manual

i've installed the new version as requested; thanks for the upload.

users may view the catalogue entry at
(that entry will be updated overnight tonight)
and they may browse the package directory on the archive at

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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