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Location on CTAN: fonts/cyklop

 > Font: Cyklop
 > Author: Janusz Marian Nowacki, Grudziadz, Poland
 > Version: 0.91
 > Date: May 2008
 > Licence: GUST Font License
 > Downloads:
 > Location on CTAN: fonts/cyklop
 > The Cyclop typeface was designed in the 1920s at the workshop of Warsaw 
 > type foundry "Odlewnia Czcionek J. Idzkowski i S-ka". This sans serif 
 > typeface has a highly modulated stroke so it has high typographic 
 > contrast. The vertical stems are much heavier then horizontal ones. 
 > Most characters have thin rectangles as additional counters giving the 
 > unique shape of the characters.
 > The font was generated using the Metatype1 package. Then the original
 > set of characters was completed by adding the full set of accented
 > letters and characters of the modern Latin alphabets (including
 > Vietnamese).
 > The fonts are distributed in the Type1 and OpenType formats along with the
 > files necessary for use these fonts in TeX and LaTeX including
 > encoding definition files: T1 (ec), T5 (Vietnamese), OT4, QX, texnansi
 > and nonstandard ones (IL2 for Czech fonts).
 > In the ver. 0.91 metric .tfm files were corrected and also .fd files for 
 > LaTeX.

Thanks for the upload.

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