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On Sat, 22 Nov 2008 Grzegorz Murzynowski submitted an update to the 



Gmdoc is a LaTeX package and an example class for documenting (La)TeX packages, 
document classes, .dtx etc., providing hyperlinks.  The package is believed to 
be compatible with doc and permits minimal markup of code (the macrocode 
environment is no longer necessary).  The package provides automatic detection 
of definitions (detecting such things as \def, \newcommand, \DeclareOption 

The package needs hyperref and the author’s three ‘‘basic’ packages:
    gmverb, and

Location on CTAN: /macros/latex/contrib/gmdoc
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 

The package for documenting TeX/LaTeX sources with minimal markup. This update 
provides \toCTAN macro, a shorthand for \changes{ver.}{date}{put to CTAN on 


This package is located at 
.  More information is at
(if the package is new it may take a day for that information to 
appear).  We are supported by the TeX Users Group http://www.tug.org .  
Please join a users group; see http://www.tug.org/usergroups.html .

Thanks for the upload.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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