CTAN package update: pst-bar

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Wed Nov 26 23:32:03 CET 2008

Herbert Voss <Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE> wrote:

> I uploaded pst-bar.tgz to the uk mirror. Please delete
> _all_ files in the directory
> /graphics/pstricks/contrib/pst-bar/
> and put the new ones in there.
> With pst-bar, one may use pstricks to produce bar charts
> directly from a data file. This version has the following
> changes:
>  v 0.92   2008/11/26
>   --  some more improvements to the code (hv)
>   --  Bar labels now set within parboxes to keep them from becoming too
>       long or overlapping with neighboring labels. New keys
>       ``labelalign'' and ``labelwidth'' added to control
>       this behavior.(ar)
>   --  Code now uses pst-xkey instead of pst-keyval for
>       managing keys.(hv)
> The author of this package is Alan Ristow.

i have installed the files as reqested, and updated the catalogue
repository; thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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