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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: tikz-timing
Version number: v0.7
Author's name: Martin Scharrer
Location on CTAN: /(existing one)
Summary description: Update to v0.7
License type: lppl

Announcement text: 
* New libraries:
  clockarrows: Library for clock arrows.
  columntype: Library providing a timing column type for tabular.
  nicetabs: Library to format tikztimingtable like a booktab tabular.
  counters: Library to defined counter characters which display an incrementing
  counter: value every time there are used.
  advnodes: Library for advanced nodes with multiple anchor points.
  ifsym: Library providing the same timing symbols and characters as the
         ifsym package when loaded with the electronic option.
* Additional experimental libraries:
  interval: Library to change color of 'ZL', 'ZH' etc. transitions to indicate
    borders of an interval.
  beamer: Library providing some marginal beamer overlay support.
* 'overlays' library:
  + Overlays can now be cascaded, i.e. an overlay can be inside another one.
  + The second braces around the second part are now optional.
  + Fixed issues with 'T' and 'C' characters inside overlays.
* Meta-characters can now have arguments.
* Added more variety for in-line options: '[[ ]]', '[+ +]' and '[| |]'.
* Handling of in-line options and nodes got modified. Options are now placed
  directly where placed and are valid until the next ';'.  Please note that
  [/utils/exec={..}] now needs to be written as [|/utils/exec={..}|].
  Otherwise it is re-executed every time the drawing path is renewed.
* Added star version of \tablegrid.
* Added background to 'E' character ('either' library).
* Some fixes for placing of 'D{}' texts.
* Fixed wrong slopes (e.g. lslope instead of zslope) for some transitions.
* Major changes on internal character definition macros, parser and output
* Fixed problems with expanding code content in user input.
* The \texttiming macro now uses a \timing macro internally.
* The \timing macro is now only defined inside tikzpictures. This includes
* Added TikZ style timing/draw grid for grids behind \timing macros.
* Replaced macros \texttimingbefore, \texttimingafter and \texttiminggrid
  with TikZ settings 'timing/before text', 'timing/after text' and
  'timing/draw grid'.
* Added separators 'timing/outer sep' around \texttiming.
* Graphical improvements for 'double line' characters like 'D', 'U' and 'E'.
  The whole character including both edges is drawn in a single process.
* Character width can now be scaled using wscale.
* Character width can now be calculated by placing code inside '$ $'.
* Fixed issue with \horlines macro.
* The 'tikztimingtable' environment and associated macros got enhanced:
  + The content is no longer read as macro argument and can now include
  + Multiple extracode sections can be now included between rows, not
    only a single section at the very end.
  + A 'extracode' environment has been added. Both macro and environment
    have now an optional argument for TikZ settings.
  + Added \tableheader macro to label both columns. The \tablerules
    macro got adjusted to detect the header line and draw also a middle
  + Added {background} environment to draw things in the background.
  + Fixed broken optional argument of \tablegrid.
  + Added macro \marknodes and associated debug/nodes style to mark
    in-line nodes for debug purposes/orientation during the diagram

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